News & Barney Magroo’s !

Hey Lovely Peoples!

I trust you’re all doing well and enjoying the move into Autumn, as dissapointing as the weather was this summer the general feeling was just amazing as London embraced the Olympics and our Summer Festival went (quite literally!) with a swing (dancer)! Personally WH HQ is enjoying watching the lovely orange and reds grace our trees, the city seem a little sleepier and the air feeling a little fresher. We’re thinking hot tea and slipping on those favourite snuggly jumpers, nippy noses and any excuse to hold hands or have more hugs!

So lots has been going on with WH recently. Our move to Tooting Tram and Social is still proving very exciting to us as the wonderful people there have really welcomed us and are so open to any creativity we could possibly think of, its totally refreshing! Some people have asked us and expressed a little frown as to why we have taken the step to move further out of central London so I just wanted to clarify that in short, the venue is fantastic, the response has been amazing and there really is nothing like what we hope to be doing in the area, so, so far, those are the factors that are in our favour and I think they’re darn good ones! We obviously want to do our upmost to make every event as successful as possible for you, to help promote you and your work and the gorgeous people at the Tram, in their wonderfulness, are set in their partnership with us to help us do that by flyering the tube in the evening, each week, spreading the WH word (and naming cocktails after me, uh hum!!). So, all good there and I have to say that we are COMPLETELY looking forward to every event we have planned for the rest of this year with these good people!

As you may or may not know via our Facebook page, we were approached by Old Spitalfields Market to partner with them and create a space, within their market, on a Saturday. Unfortunately, as grateful as we are for the opportunity, we have decided (along with the help from some of you) that this is not for us at this time. WH was set up as an alternative to the larger markets because it can just be so expensive starting out or trying to promote yourself (I started out selling on the Sunday Upmarket myself) so we aim to offer a more affordable alternative. It just seemed a little wrong to go the other way and into charging more, which in the current climate is difficult. One thing I am interested in though is your opinions, so do let me know what you think, whether you would like to do it but share spaces, whether you would be interested in doing Saturdays there or Sundays or have a deal for doing both maybe as we are still very open to doing the best we can for everyone involved in WH.

Moving forward, our next event is a ‘Tea Party with a twist’ on Saturday 29th + Sunday 30th September, we have a lovely amount of vintage in ‘Alices closet’ planned for Sunday, some really blooming great entertainment planned for both days, varied traders, wonderful handcrafted teas, cake, savoury foods, cut price cocktails and different traders both days and we hope to pull a great crowd for it all. Please do pass on the word or just the amazing image by the wonderful Jo from Deer Little Forest – this flyer needs to be seen, it is, quite frankly, beautiful! Anyone wishing to use the flyer on your facebook, blog or website, you can find it on the WH website on the Directory page.

If you would like to take part in any upcoming events please do email us for a booking form asap – dates are – October 28th (Monster Mash Halloween theme – we will be working with the Stitch Clinic making body parts in our workshop!), November 17th and December 1st + 2nd (Christmas!). THE CLOSING DATE TO TAKE PART IN THE CHRISTMAS EVENTS IS NOW OCTOBER 15th. We havent, as such, had a closing date before now, however, with so much going on we just want to make sure we’re all organised and can get onto planning other things to make the event more fun and memorable for you as well as the grand ole time of things we’re thinking of for Spring! Any queries or if you’re a few days late, we will obviously do what we can for you, but to help our admin, we’d be really grateful if you could get in touch asap.

MORE NEWS COMING VERY SOON!! We have other pots on the stove just waiting to boil (for 2012 AND 2013) so we’ll be in touch soon with more details that are making us just bubble up under the surface with squee’s currently!

Dont forget, we were set up as a platform for local designer makers, crafters and artists to have a warm and friendly environment to showcase and sell their wares and do ask that everything is handmade in the UK. Due to our ethical standpoint we also include vintage and upcycled items. So please help support handmade and ethical items and enjoy our alternative to high street shopping, all created with care, just for you!

Big grins and pretty things,

WH x